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histy's tired of ur shit
Boring Info
True Name Pissty
Nicknames Histy Pissty
Appears In every main game but no spinoffs except hyperdevotion and superdimension and super neptunia rpg
Cup Looks like A
Height 39cm
Thigh Gap 1cm (approximate)
Fucks Given 100 (MAX)
Technical Info
Voice (EN) Stephanie Sheh
Voice (JP) Mika Kanai
Race Hey, Listen!
Weapon Book
Residence Planeptune
Personifies Navi

Although her true form is a tome, she was able to transform into a fairy-like being when Neptune broke the seal on her. Early in the game, Histoire contacts Neptune through her head, and Neptune is the only one who can hear her. She also assists the player by providing the tutorial; Neptune reveals this at the end of the first dungeon.

Histoire in Neptunia Mk 2


In Mk2, Histoire returns, albeit redesigned. She is now the oracle of Planeptune, meaning her job is to tell Neptune to do shit, even though she never does. This makes Histy really pissty so at night when everyone is sound asleep, she takes to the underground Planeptunian wine cellar and drinks rum all night long. In the mornings she's extra cranky because of the hangover, and Neptune constantly teases her over that.

Histoire in Victory


Histoire in Super Neptunia RPG


Taking Care of Histoire

Histoire's favorite foods are Neptune's tears and dried rabbit meat. Make sure to feed her at least twice daily, or else the world implodes, and I don't think you want that. She only needs 3 hours of sleep daily. Histoire does not need a leash, because she usually stays inside the house or nearby. It is exceptionally rare for Histoire to be reported missing. Histoire is highly recommended for orderly people who don't like keeping dogs, cats, etc. Histoire leaves no messes and is very clean. She will get along with most pets, but beware that some large pets such as large dogs or boa constrictors may attack or attempt to eat her, so be wary of that if you already own other pets. If your house or lifestyle is messy, Histoire may not be for you because upon seeing that she will activate maximum nag mode. Most owners find her intolerable in this state, so make sure you are always pristine. She is capable of giving lectures for up to 24 hours, although usually her lectures are only 3 hours long. Since Histoire is very small, make sure to always keep a keen eye out for her around the house. It's not uncommon for her to be sat on, for example, so be careful. Unlike most pets, Histoire does not like being played with, and instead prefers doing work. She is not capable of doing most chores due to her small size, but will gladly assist with any paperwork or cognitive task. She takes a very long time to perform most actions, so be sure not to rely on her too much.

Do not attempt to look up her skirt, that's lewd.


  • Histoire's favorite number is 3.
  • It will take 3 days. It always takes 3 days...
  • Histoire teaches you how to play the game, even if she's nowhere near where you are. Do not underestimate her tutorial prowess.
  • In Re;birth1 and Re;birth 2, she shares combo skills with Rom and Ram, because Compile Heart's lazy as fuck.
  • Histoire is inconsistently sized; in games her ingame model and Live2D portrait (as well as any CG featuring her) make her appear to be roughly the size of a normal child, but her depictions in most media (ie the anime and mangas) make her much smaller, more fairy-sized. Ultradimension Histoire, however, is much more consistently sized as the number one pipsqueak.
  • She only showers once every 3 days.