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Tsundere Jr.
Mk2 Uni.png
Boring Info
True Name MG 42
Nicknames Rifle Uniiiiii
Appears In literally every game but the first one
3 Sizes B77


Cup B
Height 149cm
Thigh Gap one human head
Parameters Tsundere 5/5

Cooperative 2/5

Marksmanship 5/5

Times She Has Watched Gundam 5/5

Loves Oneechan 6/5
Fucks Given 69
Technical Info
Voice (EN) Sarah Anne Williams
Voice (JP) Eri Kitamura
Race Tsundere
Weapon it's a fucking gun
Residence Lactation
Personifies Playstation Vita

The younger sister of Noire. As her name implies (????), she represents the Sony PSP (?????????). She is madly in love with Nepgear. In MegaTag she confessed and now they are an official couple. This disappointed many people, including myself. She believes being the center of erotica among candidates is better than being average.


Take a PSP or a Playstation Vita. Imagine that girl you had a crush on in middle/high school. Combine the two and give it some hair bows. You now have one smol tsundere.


Uni's a tsundere. But unlike the majority of your garden-variety tsunderes, she doesn't default to extreme rage and denial at the mere notion of her giving a fuck about something. She gets flustered. Keep going and the denial slowly starts coming. It's the perfect kind of tsundere that resists enough to be fun to tease, but doesn't go so far as to use lethal force with the military arsenal she keeps up her ass (I'm calling you out Misato Tachibana). A side effect of that is that she doesn't have to be a hard-ass all the time and might just be your friend for the day without resistance. In short, Uni has some spunk. But not too much.

Uni has also shown a love for mecha. Unlike Nepgear though, she's into the weapons. Multi-missile launchers and rapid-firing miniguns totally give her a hard-on. No one knows how, but nobody blames her.

Uni deserves love and affection because Noire barely gives her any. It takes a special kind of love to still be attached to your sister after being shot down constantly. But to be fair, Noire still cares. Just a little. At least she's married to Nepgear now.


Uni in 4 Goddesses Online

In 4 Goddesses Online, Uni plays the Thief class. For some reason in this game she gets obsessed with treasure hunting. She has the capability to beat the game in just over an hour with her friends by using her only two good skills, Elemental Shot and Rapid Barrett.


"Freeze, BITCH!"