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endless lethargy
Boring Info
True Name neptune
Nicknames plutie



narcoleptic marshmallow
Appears In victory, v generation, megatagmension, and seha. oh and cyberdimension too, but she's not playable >:(
3 Sizes B74


Cup A
Height 146cm
Parameters dilligent 3

gets others involved in her business 5

airhead 6

soft and cuddly 5

oversleeper - off the charts!
Fucks Given 4
Technical Info
Voice (EN) Cherami Leigh
Voice (JP) Kana Hanazawa
Race sadist
Weapon teddy bear
Residence planeptune (ultradimension)
Personifies sega genesis

best girl


plutie's p chill tbh but when she transforms she turns into a really mean dom. and i mean really mean. she also automatically transforms if you make her angry, so don't make her angry. she's always listless and might fall asleep while you aren't looking. see? she's asleep already. h-hey. plutie! wake up already! come onnnnn wake up. wake up! I SAID WAKE YOUR ASS GODDAMNIT

Iris Heart



in west gamindustri plutie was born and raised. she was on the playground, where she spent most of her days, just chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of cpu memories that were up to no good started makin trouble in her neighborhood. she ate one little memory and her bff got scared. she said "you're movin' with your auntie mini-histoire in planeptune."


plutie's favorite thing in the world. she loves it even more than she loves punishing people. here's a list of things that plutie also likes:

  • sewing
  • sewing dolls of her friends
  • sewing dolls of her friends for her friends
  • sewing your mouth shut
  • hugs
  • pain (yours)
  • sleeping...


  1. Stress Reliever
    • A move that relieves stress
    • Lowers enemy MEN
  2. Verbal Abuse (as Iris Heart)
    • To enjoy this, you would have to be a masochist
  3. Fighting Viper (as Iris Heart)
    • Strong attack
  4. Fighting Viper 2 (as Iris Heart)
    • Stronger attack
  5. Heal
    • Heals 30% HP
    • I heal you, I HURT you, I heal you again! That's the pattern.
  6. Hyper Heal
    • Heals 75% HP
  7. Megadaptor
    • Increases INT
  8. Megamodelta
    • Increases INT and MEN
  9. Megidolaon
    • Severe Almighty damage to all foes
  10. Getter Ravine


plutie's jp actress is Kana Hanazawa and her en actress is Cherami Leigh. both actresses successfully fulfill their role as plutie, with each their own strengths, but hanazawa perhaps does better overall. Leigh does a pretty good sleepy-weepy plutie, but seems to sometimes forget that her character is supposed to be only half-conscious at all times. she's pretty good at sneaking in that slight delicious hint of sadism that's present in regular plutie, though. as iris heart, she quite competently fulfills the role of devilish sadistic fiend. she speaks softly when she's supposed to, and speaks fiercely when she's supposed to. as for Hanazawa, she performs much better as plutie. she shows more consistent lethargy, and draws out her words more. not to mention her voice is just plain cuter. she doesn't show plutie's hidden dark side as well though. as sadie, Hanazawa still does a good job. she generally speaks more softly as sadie than Leigh, but that somehow works out anyways even though they're both playing the same character. her voice itself fits sadie as well. she makes quite a drastic change from the cute, marshmellowy voice as plutie to the mature, devilish voice of sadie.


  • did you notice? plutie's portrait actually contains an error. her outfit is supposed to be symmetrical, but the pink cloth on her right sleeve is drawn incorrectly. her model and portrait in the anime do not have this error. the reason for this is because when tsunako was designing plutie, she had gone 100 hours without sleeping and was feeling more than a little bit tired. she admitted to have fallen asleep multiple times while drawing plutie, and when she had woken up, had completely forgotten about a few finishing touches. this error is never fixed.
  • plutie's endless listlessness also comes from tsunako's infernal desire to sleep: she wrote plutie to have such a personality because all tsunako wanted to do at that point in time was sleep.