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The most beautiful sword ever created.

The Gehaburn is one of the weapons Nepgear can equip in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2. This sword is important in Mk2 and Re;Birth2. It is then used as DLC and such in other games because Compile Heart wants to bring back the PTSD they gave to their players.


This sword conveniently looks a lot like Nepgear's sword. It's a dark purple with a weird triangle shape on a dark hilt. It looks shiny and new and is the best sword ever.

Powers and Abilities

This sword has many powers (spoiler warning or whatever):

- It can trap the souls of all-powerful beings when they are stabbed violently by someone (cough Nepgear cough)
- Mentally affects the user, making them crazy and start doing out-of-character stuff
- It can manipulate the ether around it, thus changing the shape and material of the world
- Using the ether, it gives the user the power of foresight to see into the future so they know how to effectively kill their victims
- The ether also allowed these abilities:
   -- Buster; powerful attack using a large blade
   -- Enchant; strengthens all the weapons of the whole party but lets weapons damage it
   -- Shield; generates a magic shield to protect the whole party
   -- Speed; lets the user move faster and doge easier
   -- Purge; ranged blast of ether to cause damage
   -- Armor; reduces the damage taken from physical and ether attacks
   -- Cyclone; damages all enemies around the user
   -- Eater; causes bleed damage to enemies after removing their stat buffs
   -- Smash; causes enemies hit to recieve greater knockback than normal
- It can destroy evil and magical barriers with the help of the power from the Golden Goddesses. Especially effective against Triforce users
- It holds high stats in Might and Hit Rate
- It can easily be used at range
- Being created from a fang of Naga, it holds a mighty Power stat
- It holds a wicked soul which it received after being bathed in blood and hatred multiple times
- It is a freakishly large sword that people can lift somehow
- It can give Nightmare the power to control the universe somehow
- It may give the user an acrobatic fighting style
- It may be used as a whip sword
- Rather effective against dragons


This sword was crafted by a blacksmith hired by goddesses that were based on game consoles like all the other ones. They were trying to kill the Deity of Sin, Arfoire, which was created from fear or whatever to kill the goddesses. The goddesses discovered the immense power this amazing, sleek sword wielded and fought over who would use it to kill each other (killing Arfoire was a secondary objective at this point).

Arfoire saw them fighting and realized she didn't have to do any work since they were going to kill each other so she just fell into a deep slumber until something interesting decided to show up.

The goddesses eventually killed each other off and the sword was sealed away so no one would be tempted to use it again.

Eventually, the Nep generation of goddesses was born through the power of Shares (the usual excuse for everything). With the goddesses not fighting each other, Arfoire knew it was time to return.

Being the lazy devil, she sent her devoted followers, the Moronic Misfits, to do the dirty work.

The Moronic Misfits are a party of four. They consist of:

- CFW Judge, the loud and obnoxious one that loves destruction but is called out for being the worst.

- CFW Brave, the sophisticated one that ends up wanting to get hitched with young Uni so much he visits the dreams of lonely tsundere Noire and business-crazy Kei.

- CFW Trick, aka Loli Licker.

- CFW Magic, the leader that has an obsession with bringing Arfoire back so she can die with everyone else.

(The "CFW" part is never defined in the game and is basically meaningless.)

With no options left, the goddesses must use a legendary sword that might be cursed so they can kill Arfoire before she kills the world. Some random citizens somehow knew about it and they go grab it without doing any sort of background check on it.

The slow Histy eventually finds out what the sword does and tells them they need to stab each other so the sword can grow to full power.

Nepgear is forced into the position of being the one to use it even though everyone else basically offers (guess she just really wanted to kill them).

This is the best possible scenario however because it causes Red to leave the party. RED is the worst character ever and she can't decide if her name is Red or RED.

Nepgear goes on a murder spree, killing all the goddesses then being blamed for all of it by the Oracles. She ends up having to kill Neptune.

When she returns home with all the divine blood on her hands, Histy greets her, basically unphased (probably needed three days to process what happened). Nepgear gathers all the Makers that are still willing to fight with her and she goes to fight Arfoire.

Arfoire finally decides to get off her butt and do what she was made to do. She gets ready to murder everything. Nepgear and co. go up and fight her to make sure that doesn't happen. After a huge battle later, Arfoire isn't even tired so Nepgear decides to try the sword she just killed all her friends and family for because she decided not to use it right away for some twisted reason. Arfoire realizes what kind of monster Nepgear is so she just decides to leave the destruction to her, basically making it all useless because she doesn't end up using it all that much.

Nepgear becomes the one and only goddess in the world now because Shares aren't making anymore somehow. After years of being depressed from killing everyone and holding onto the sword, she loses her humanity completely, changing her name to "Conquest".

Eventually, she is alone at the top. The rest of her friends leave her seeing how insane she has become. Conquest is alone in running things.

Since she is alone, she decides to create a friend. Using the power of Shares, Nepgya is made in Conquest's image so she doesn't have to be alone anymore.

Nepgya, however, ends up getting corrupted from the sword and becomes evil. She stabs Conquest in the back while she's sleeping and gains a sword with the power of every single goddess. With her newfound power, she becomes a god.

She learns how to travel through dimensions. Realizing more goddesses were out there, she had to go collect them. Nepgya travels to Ultra Dimension, running into all the goddesses there. She stabs them with her sword which absorbs their souls.

She discovers the existence of Uzume by reading up on old files. She travels to Zero and Heart Dimensions to gain even more power. After killing both Uzume and dark Uzume, the sword is filled with dark Share power and becomes even more powerful than originally thought.

Nepgya is now the ruler of the Multiverse and no one can stop her.


  • This is the best sword ever. It is amazing and enchanting. There is nothing quite like it. They say staring at it too long makes you lose control, but that's nonsense. It's too beautiful to do something like that.
  • Nepgear literally kills her friends and family with it.
  • This gives people PTSD flashbacks!