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Thanos with tits
Boring Info
True Name Old Hag
Nicknames Arf




Old Hag

Appears In Pretty much any mainline nep game
Cup Large n' saggy
Thigh Gap Around 5 yards
Fucks Given 3.1415926535
Technical Info
Voice (EN) Laura Post
Voice (JP) Chiaki Takahashi
Race Old Hag
Weapon Eggplants
Residence Gamindustri graveyard

Arfoire (マジェコンヌ, "Magiquone") is the main antagonist of the Neptunia series (for those as retarded as Neptune that means she's the main baddy of the series). Depending on which Neptunia game you're playing she can either be super scary and actually a threat, to some meme character that poses no threat whatsoever. It really depends on how Compile Heart is feeling that day. She enjoys people making up nicknames for her, such as Arbore and Arwhore. You should try it out, she'll love it.


Hyperdimension Neptunia

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Afroire attempts to steal Histoire's power and become the one true goddess. Arfoire throughout the game pulls the strings in the background, and it's later revealed that she's the bitch who sealed Histoire away and scattered the key fragments. In the end Neptune and the gang beat the shit out of her, but it takes them three times to actually defeat her, due to that being Histoire's favorite number.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Arfoire is some bitch this group that calls themselves ASIC worships. Arfoire is also known as the Deity of Sin, and is some giant Transformers looking ass monster that apparently can destroy Gamindustri when fully awoken. At the beginning of the game, ASIC defeats all the goddesses but IF and Compa save Nepgear and end up gathering the other CPU candidates to save their sisters. Due to plot reasons Nepgear and the others save the four goddess (which sadly includes Neptune). They yet again beat the shit out of Arfoire but not without witnessing something truly horrific. Arfoire shows them her fursona, which is some sorta white rabbit fucker. But in the end she's banished to hell or something like that.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

In Ultradimension, Arfoire is just some bitch a part of the Seven Sages, a group of people dedicated to (attempting) to destroy the goddesses. She mostly works with a fucking rat, and naturally she kidnaps just IF like any other person interested in destroying the goddesses would do. Plutie ends up raping her around three times. Once for each time she kidnaps IF and one for the time she stole some CPU memory. This is around the turning point of when her character becomes a joke character like Neptune.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Within the Zerodimension Arfoire is some bitch who likes giant women. She sends this giant purple chick to attack Uzume and the gang. It actually goes in her favor this time and they pussy out and run. Arfoire then attempts to beat them up in a garden or whatever. But suddenly the plot demands that she must lose so they transform and beat her ass. They do this a few more times, and she almost wins another fight but then Neptune with tits appears and saves the day. Later that day Croire (the tomboy version of Histoire) gives her the ability of the Dark CPU. She gets her ass beat yet again and is forever cursed to deal with two Neptunes existing at once, a truly horrible fate.


She's generally just some gothic bitch. She constantly complains and is overconfident. Like Noire she has almost zero friends. Unlike Noire though, she actually has one friend, even if it's just a rat. When she loses she claims that it's "impossible for her to lose" and that she'll "be back." But usually the same outcome happens every time, the one exception being the conquest ending in Mk2.

Likes and Dislikes

Arfoire loves furries, in fact she owns her own fur suit. She roleplays as a white giant titty rabbit with a gothic outfit. She even has a furry friend that's a literal rat. They go on anti-goddess discussion forums and complain about the goddesses together while watching furry hentai. This leads us to her Dislikes, Arfoire despises goddesses, she attempts to destroy them every time she gets the chance, but just like real furries she fails to reach her goals and just complains on forums about how op they are and how she should have won.


  • Arfoire's English name is a reference to the R4, a flash cart for the Nintendo DS.
    • Well, there is also a generic enemy called R-4...
  • She used to frequent N-chan but got banned.
  • Arfoire has never legally acquired a video game in her life. She even somehow manages to pirate freeware games.